Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Reflections

I was just browsing around looking for news articles on Malays in Malaysia leaving Islam for Christianity.  Sadly, the majority of the articles that I found were depressing. The converts were denied their right to practise their new-found faith, and for others, detention and torture in rehabilitation centers. Those that continue, they are constantly faced with death threats.

I also came across a 2014 article on Christianity Today, on the ban on the use of the term "Allah" by a Catholic paper.  The only comment to the article caught my attention.

james mcilwraith
The god of islam is very clearly a different spiritual creature to the God of the New Testament. Christians should never confuse people by using the term Allah unless they are referring specifically to the creature that inspired Mohammed.

I agree that the god of Islam is not the same as the God of the Bible, however, for those of us who know no other term than "Allah" to refer to God Almighty of the Bible, we are never confused.

There are many Christian families in Malaysia who have members that have converted to Islam (mostly due to marriages to Muslims and the law says the non-Muslim party has to convert), and when the Christian and Muslim members get together there is never any confusion on which religious book belongs to whom when those two books are placed side by side.

There is hope. Our Lord is showing Himself in dreams and visions to the Muslims, calling them to Himself and inviting them to partake of the Bread of Life and drink the Living Water that only He possesses.


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